At the completion of each jam camp, Pete Wernick sends a confidential survey to each student seeking feedback from students about the jam camp they have just completed. We use this feedback to improve our methods, refine our program and gauge our success and failures.

Here’s what people said of our earlier camps:

Is there anything else you’d like to convey to the teacher?

  • Thanks Greg.  I hope for the sake of others in Australia that you find a way of doing more of these in different parts of the country.
  • Really enjoyed learning singing harmonies.
  • As a real beginner jammer I struggled with remembering words and chord changes, but the overall experience really enabled me to find where my weaknesses lay, for practice before the next camp. 
  • Looking forward to learning more about finding the melody if possible but I’m struggling to find any fault in this class

Is there anything you’d like to convey to the Wernick Method office or Pete Wernick?

  • I thought Greg was a worthy representative.
  • Really liked the emphasis on the right and wrongs on jamming, obviously Greg has lots of experience which he generously shared with us. 
  • Greg is a natural teacher and I have really appreciated his personal touch and encouragement.
  • I have purchased some DVDs and love the relaxed method and playing styles shown. 
  • Playing along with the DVDs is great for me; there is no stress involved and I am very pleased to have come across this material.

What things did you like best about the class?

  • Greg has a very good attitude and is very good at handling any issues that arise.
  • He displays confidence but with kindness, humility and a natural sense of humour.
  • I liked the fact that it was linked to Peter Wernick, thus ensuring consistency with what is being taught and practiced elsewhere.
  • I liked the emphasis on eye contact and not using props such as word sheets, music etc.  It will encourage me even more, to learn songs off by heart, so I can concentrate on interacting during a jam.